Who We Are 

We are a faith based charity that exists to administer to the houseless, at-risk and low-income community. Our charity goes into temporary shelters to provide haircuts, makeup tutorials, clothing, & hygiene items for total transformations to help empower, encourage, and build confidence in order to achieve their next goals confidently whether that is preparing to find a job, getting back into school, or achieving their goals to move out of houseless shelters. We are 100% volunteer based charity, meaning no one recieves pay. Thus far we've worked with shelters like CASA, St.Pete Free Clinic, Ready For Life Foster Care, Alpha House, Tim Tebow Foundation and more!


As a charity, we remind our guests of their beauty within while we pamper them outwardly. We exist empower, encourage, and build confidence our guests in the middle of their trials helping them to remember to trust the process. 

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Salon Tru: 3801 Park Street North, Suite 2, St.Petersburg, FL, 33709

HOURS: Sun-Mon: Closed ,Tues-Thur: 9-9pm, Fri & Sat: 9-5pm

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